World Of Strange Dreams
A multiplayer game in VR inspired by our dreams and made specifically for theme parks.

A virtual journey through surreal worlds in search of dreams stolen by mysterious Hunters.
Immersive story of the biggest dump truck in the World.

Journey into the secrets of giant belarusian enterprise with demonstrating the process of building and driving the famous 75710 model as well as watching the BELAZ machines in real quarries of Kuzbass.

The project contains three 360 films as well as an interactive introduction part.
Under The Pillow
This interactive project in virtual reality tells the story of a brother and sister who create a puppet kitten named Mormitten with us.

In the form of the magic toy, we will immerse into the mystical world under the sofa and find lost things, hopes and dreams of the children and their parents.
B2 Fire
The promo for the B2 Fire crowdfunding project is an experiment of our team in the sphere of virtual production.

We used the Unity game engine to create the scenes for the video. It allows us to work with visuals in real time.
Elevators VR
The project helps our customer to increase efficiency of the sales department and makes it easier for a potential buyer to select an individual configuration of the elevator produced by the St. Petersburg Elevator Factory.
NPO Passat VR
This interactive experience includes visiting four-story factory. It belongs to the company that works in the mining and chemical industry.

The factory is still in development but the VR model gives the opportunity to demonstrate the scale of the production and innovative technologies without need to wait for building is complete.

Akiva World
Educational and diagnostic VR project for children of primary and secondary school age.

The application works in conjunction with a mobile companion that allows parents and educators to customize the user experience and watch the progress in real-time.
AR / VR project based on the works of the architect and artist Lazar Khidekel. It is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of UNOVIS, which is an avant-garde art community created in Belarus.

The project was developed in cooperation with the Center for Belarusian-Jewish Cultural Heritage and the LEVEL80 | architects studio.
Physics VR
An experimental project of studying physics (kinematic motion) in the digital environment.

It includes the informational part and the interactive knowledge control.
Recycling AR
How to use AR in the educational sphere? Our project for the training center of housing and communal services specialists demonstrates it.

We produced a textbook about how to use secondary material resources and added additional digital layers in AR to its pages.

As part of the project, our team also developed an AR application for the physical stand that contains the examples of materials created from recycled resources.
BATE 360°
Virtual reality allows you to experience sports in a different way, placing the viewer directly at the epicenter of the game.

The project gives to the fans of the FC BATE the opportunity to feel theirselves as s part of the favorite football team.
Mobile Games
Our team leverages the growing capabilities of mobile platforms, including the AirPlay, ARCore, ARKit and LIDAR technologies.

We are studying the use of smartphones and tablets as valuable media devices, including the cases when the user experiences is mediated by various accessories and hardware.
Spartak VR
The project is produced for the one of the largest food industry enterprises in Belarus. It is a combination of interactive VR and 360° video.

The project is demonstrated at industry exhibitions and conferences with the help of the Pico VR headsets.
Unparallel Reality
The project is dedicated to the problem of domestic violence. It was created in co-production with the UNFPA office in Belarus and initially was in the form of the interactive VR installation.

Keeping in mind the growing importance of the problem during the COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to continue working on the project and polish it. The improved version will be available at the end of 2021.
Mixed reality project dedicated to the anniversary of birth of the prominent Russian prose-writer Ivan Turgenev.

We was invited to be a part of the post-production team by our partners from Russian VR Seasons.

Russian actors Aglaya Tarasova ("Ice") and Yuri Kolokolnikov ("Game of Thrones") were composited with the environments completely created in virtual reality by artist Denis Semenov.
Virtual Multiplica
Cross-media poster for the Luxembourg digital arts festival Multiplica, created in collaboration with a creative duo Karolina Markiewicz & Pascal Piron.

The classic video was used to promote the event. The spherical video was demonstrated by the organizers at the press conferences. An interactive VR application was exhibited at the festival.

Our short film "Here and There" directed by Kirill Galitsky became the first independent VR-film in Belarus.

Among the awards for the film are a victory in the "Best Fiction" category at the Satis 360 Film Festival in Paris and a Special Jury Prize at the goEast festival in Wiesbaden.
Fascinating computer graphics, images of veterans of Great Britain, the USA and the USSR, reconstruction of battles and interiors.

We were delighted to be part of the production process and to work side by side with Wargaming specialists.

Our team was directly involved in the preparation of locations, adaptation of the script for VR format, the filming process and processing of the footage.