VR / AR / Real-Time 3D / Interactive Storytelling
Feeling Content Is
Digital worlds for training, education and engineering
Immersive experiences for advertising and marketing
movies and commercials made in real-time engines
Pre-production in virtual reality for media projects
We use technology and creative energy to produce technomagic. It allows us to provide you with digital products for reaching your goals in marketing, manufacturing and art.

Our team prefer pioneering and in-depth approach. Any type of VR / AR / RT 3D graphics is not just a buzz for us, but an ultimate tool that is capable to switch conventional conception of creating and consuming content.

We are glad to share with you a moment of evolving new media. The media that will become the platform for our digital solutions.
What are we famous for?
  • Virtual Reality and Filmmaking

    "Here and There" is the first indie 360° film in Belarus, which received awards in Germany and France.

  • How to create in VR

    Developed an educational course "Art in Virtual Reality" and trained dozens of Belarusian students.
  • EXIT_IN exhibition

    Vera Sudilovskaya's project is the first exposition of Belarusian author using virtual reality in the country.

    Launched VR Day Minsk in the frame of Listapad IFF, the largest film festival in Belarus.
  • Workshops

    Held VR workshops for Goethe-Institut Minsk, European Humanities University, at CREATE IT! and EMERGE conferences.
  • International Labs

    Took part in two editions of the annual XR Creators Lab in Munich.

Feeling Digital
We promise to propose efficient digital solutions for you and tell about VR/AR more compeling stories than you might expect