Immersive story of the biggest dump truck in the World.

Journey into the secrets of giant belarusian enterprise with demonstrating the process of building and driving the famous 75710 model.

The project contains three 360 films as well as an interactive introduction part.
Alutech VR
The project includes spherical films on three enterprises of the "Alutech" group of companies.

A viewer is being immersed into the process of producing door, profile and roller shutter systems. The films are full of unique moments of high technology manufacturing.
NPO Passat VR
This interactive experience includes visiting four-story factory. It belongs to the company that works in the mining and chemical industry.

The factory is still in development but the VR model gives the opportunity to demonstrate the scale of the production and innovative technologies without need to wait for building is complete.
Movel VR
Exclusively for "Movel", an export brand of the "Mogilevliftmash" enterprise, our team produced VR showroom with six degrees of freedom containing five models of elevators.

We completely recreated the user mechanics when interacting with control elements inside the lift cabins.

The application is compatible with mobile virtual reality.
Mixed reality project dedicated to the anniversary of birth of the prominent Russian prose-writer Ivan Turgenev.

We was invited to be a part of the post-production team by our partners from Russian VR Seasons.

Russian actors Aglaya Tarasova ("Ice") and Yuri Kolokolnikov ("Game of Thrones") were composited with the environments completely created in virtual reality by artist Denis Semenov.
Captivating computer graphics, storylines of WWII veterans from Great Britain, USA and USSR, historical reconstruction of battles and environments.

We were fortunate to be a part of the production process and to work side by side with professionals from Wargaming.NET.

Our team was responsible for location scouting, virtual reality experience design, adopting the screenplay to the immersive format, shooting and stitching.
Our spherical short movie "Here And There" (dir. Kiryl Halitsky) is the first independent VR film in Belarus.

It was premiered at Moscow International Film Festival in 2017.

The piece got the "Best Fiction" award at Satis 360 Film Festival in Paris and "Special Jury Mention" at goEast in Wiesbaden.